a tale of kings and maidens

After a chance encounter and unlikely romantic audience with the king, a nubile young waif of peasant bloodline becomes the first and only lover to make the virile and famously well-endowed monarch climax during sex. Many envy her talent. Others fear her power over the king. She must be careful no one learns her own dark secret..

Stained image
Stained image

Stained imagehe king should have the biggest cocksword.

It was a simple, well-reasoned conclusion Maid Reina had reached one day while contemplating her good fortune to have been chosen the king's plaything. If ever there were a reason to make a man king, this should surely be it, she thought. It only made sense. A king should be a man among men. A king should be the strongest of men; the most virile; the most well-endowed. How could you allow yourself to be led and ruled by a man who was not the most manly of men?

When a king commands his minions and maidens to do his bidding, it should be because of power. True power. Not the false, unjustified power that comes by virtue of a bloodline. Not the enforced power that comes from having been appointed the position of commander of armies. True power is not something one is simply born into. It is not something conferred upon one by vote or decree. True power is something one is born with. It is something intrinsic to one's being. It is something that comes from one's inherent ability to do a thing.

Of course, there are other qualities and traits a king should exhibit, but this should surely be one of them. To be king, a man must wield the sword of sexual conquest before he should be allowed to hold the scepter of the monarchy. It only made sense. You should not be allowed to rule a kingdom if you cannot even conquer a woman.

Whenever she saw the king's erect pleasurer, she felt compelled to fall to her knees to worship it. She did not quite know why. It was an uncontrollable response. She wanted to kiss it. She needed to consume it. She enjoyed the difficulty of taking it inside her mouth as it stretched her jaws beyond reason. Feeling herself opening her mouth wide to be entered and probed by the King's massive tool made her feel vulnerable and weak, and she loved it. She wanted, needed to feel its power pulsing inside her mouth. She had no doubts as to the realness of her King's power when she surrendered her mouth to him. And that was just the beginning of his conquest of her. Such were the nature of Maid Reina's thoughts on this day.

However, as she tended to her duties that afternoon in the kitchen, preparing the evening meal for the household, she realized she would have to put such thoughts from her mind if she hoped to complete the preparation of the meal in a timely manner. She had been holding and staring at the same cucumber for the past ten minutes.


Maid Reina of Rivasor,

By decree of the King, you are hereby being summoned to the King's chambers a fortnight hence at the first moment of the last rays of sun.

Of all the pages at the King's disposal, you are being summoned because of your unique ability to extract his majesty's voluminous and copious royal seed--a talent rare throughout the kingdom and befitting of acknowledgement far and wide.

Five ladies in waiting shall visit you on that selfsame morning to assist you in preparing your body for your audience with the King.

You are instructed to appear at the King's bedside adorned and fragranced in the manner he has informed the ladies is his preference for this night, and to present yourself for his taking and to be used for his pleasure.

The King has also decreed that the royal scribe and royal artist be present at this copulation so that they may preserve the event in word and image, and that an announcement of your talents and status shall be made by the town crier in the public square at midday sun each day of the next seven days.

Stained image

Your Royal Majesty,

I have been and forever more will be yours to do with as you wish.

My sole being is devoted to your pleasure and a fortnight is such a distant horizon before this poor waif may offer herself for your complete and utter consumption.

I surrender myself to your every desire and beg your majesty to take pity on my wanton soul and hasten our meeting so that I may be opened and devoured by your mighty loins.

The thought of your majesty's hot and powerful seed staining me is all that sustains me and I await, trembling, to feel your sire's muscular, voracious hunger upon me. I am, insatiably, your servant,

Maid Reina

Thus read Maid Reina's reply.


"Maid Reina! Maid Reina!" the two young maidens whispered aloud and in unison as they approached Maid Reina excitedly in the courtyard.

Maid Reina was busily hanging clothes to dry on the line, and turned to face them as she dried her hands in her apron.

"You must swear on your life you will tell no one of this," the taller of the maidens began, "for they would surely flog us or have our heads should it be known we told you."

"What is this about?" Maid Reina asked curiously.

"You don't know us, Maid Reina, but we, well everyone in the castle knows who you are!" said the shorter maiden.

Maid Reina blushed.

"We are the royal bathers for the King--," the taller one continued. "And, we…" her voice dropping to a barely audible whisper, as she glanced around furtively to make sure no one could hear. "…we are the bathers of the royal cocksword."

"Yes, the two of us!" the shorter almost shouted proudly with a demure giggle.

"Keep your voice down," the taller one scolded. The shorter cast her eyes down.

"Well, yesterday, we were bathing the King---" the taller continued.

"--and his royal cocksword," added the shorter.

"Yes, we were bathing his majesty when your letter arrived," said the taller.

"The royal scribe brought it," the shorter added, feeling this was a necessary detail.

Maid Reina was getting a bit impatient.

"As he read your letter, his huge--"

"--very huge," the shorter chimed in, nodding as she did. "...and thick!"

"Yes, his huge and thick and long..."

"Yes?? Go on!" Maid Reina intoned in exasperation, realizing the young maidens were being distracted by their own recollections.

"Oh, um, yes. Well, as he read your letter, our King's massive pleasurer became so huge and so hard..."

"We'd never seen it like that before!" the shorter added.

"Never," added the taller with eyes wide, shaking her head in earnest disbelief.

"And we wash it every day, you know," the shorter added in a serious tone to convey the importance of her daily duties.

"It pointed straight up and, with the water and soap falling from it, resembled a glistening sword ready for battle," the taller said, her head tilted slightly to the right.

"It haunted my dreams last night," the shorter whispered wistfully to herself, unaware she was speaking aloud. The taller one gave her a nudge with her elbow, and the young maiden bowed her head in embarrassment.

"Clearly you are his favorite, Maid Reina," the taller said encouragingly as she touched Maid Reina's arm.

"Would that it be me in his bed in a fortnight instead of you," the shorter blurted out innocently.

The taller gave her a stern look, and the shorter looked at the floor.

"My apologies, Maid Reina," the shorter whispered.

"That's alright, ladies," Maid Reina comforted. "I understand."

"Well, we must return to the castle before they miss us," the taller one began. "We're all so happy--"

"--and jealous--" added the shorter.

"--of you!" the two said in unison, as they bounded out of the courtyard and into the noonday sun, giggling and whispering to each other as they disappeared..

In a few days, Maid Reina would be once again in the King's bed…

Maid Reina enjoyed being the object of a man's lust. Though a maiden would never speak of such things, she had had a few trysts with soldiers in the royal army. She enjoyed knowing that her loins could elicit a man's desire. She relished the fact that the thought and sight of her naked body could make a man's pleasurer throb and drip with anticipation.

This, however, was no ordinary man. This was a king. This was the king. This was her king. And, she would be in his bed in a fortnight. She was to be the king's plaything--he chose her--and the thought of it moistened her loins constantly throughout the days and nights even when she tried her best to distract her thoughts towards other matters more befitting a maiden of her common status.

But she could not get the thoughts from her mind. Everyone knew that this king did not lust as other men did. As they had just told her, the royal bathers and washers had rarely seen the royal cocksword erect even though they caressed and cleaned it. They had heard stories from the few who had been lucky enough to experience the strength of his size and thrusts of his desire in their quest to be the one who could extract his seed, but those stories were few and far between.

Yes, he was a bit different from other men. It made her wonder if, perhaps, he got hard during battle. She wondered if the bloodlust of the battlefield was in any way similar to the lust of sex, and that if, perhaps, his lust was reserved for conquests of a different kind--the kind that a king and protector accomplished for the benefit and freedom of his kingdom and his subjects. She wondered often about the King. She wondered about many parts of the king, in fact.

She thought about her scheduled copulation with him and pictured herself in his embrace, and thought about the parts of his body that caused her wetness..

She thought about his hands. In her dreams, those hands that wielded a mighty steel sword and gripped it with the strength necessary to kill men during the fray were gripping her breasts and molding them at his will.

The arms that slew savage and powerful men in battle were lifting her up and down effortlessly on his huge pleasurer.

The strong torso and waist that undulated with power as he mounted his steed and galloped into battle was now hers to mount and ride. The king was her stallion, she mused.

The chest that housed the heart of a human lion and warrior, was heaving with his lust for her, as his weight crushed her into the softness of his sheets.

Yes, these were images a maiden could not easily wrest from her thoughts try as she might.

She had been summoned. She had been summoned by the King. This was the king who had kept her and everyone in the kingdom free from slavery at the hands of invaders. But soon, Maid Reina would be his slave; a slave of a different sort, and she welcomed the impending capture and surrender and conquest with an unrelenting and dripping desire.

© 2013 Lady Reina Writes


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