Modern lust in an ancient realm.

Welcome to Rivasor Realm

The Rivasor cluster is one of the three northern-most clusters in Rivasor realm and is the current home of a community of nomads about whom this tale evolves.


A community of nomads is called a cluster.*

There are many clusters in a realm.

There are many realms in a curve.

There are many curves in a sphere.

The undiscovered sphere may be larger than we know.

*Each cluster is at least 5 footdays from the next nearest cluster.


What if an ancient kingdom existed in which, as a result of natural selection and evolution, all the men had huge cockswords and all the women had tight berries? What if along with that biological evolution, an erostopian society developed in which attitudes and practices around intercourse, eroticism as well as gender wiring and roles evolved naturally without religious dogma, shame-based stigma and control-based repression? A place where carnal desire was neither sinful nor cause for embarrassment and where the naturalness of that desire and its quenching were an integral part of that kingdom's language, lore and even its law? What if the king of such a land were the man with the biggest cocksword who, in order to remain king, was required to withhold his spew and never again "stain" another?




"In Rivasor, when horsean cocksword meets clenchtight berry, what ensues is an activity with which women of other realms are unfamiliar. Swordplay with the average man of Rivasor is, by nature and necessity, a sheet-gripping, teeth gritting, toe-curling, throat parching, mind numbing, sense-skewing, will robbing, lock loosening, knee weakening, stance widening, wall expanding, all consuming fench stretch that doth not resemble bedplay in other realms and it forever changes the women who endure it. Maiden Reina, however, was not making shapes with the average of men. She was being grut by the King..."

 From the Glossary

E·ROS·TO·PI·A - noun. - an imaginary place where beliefs and behaviors about sexuality, erotic desire, intercourse as well as gender roles, wiring and an individual's unique "twist" have evolved naturally without repressive dogma, shame-based stigma and control-based laws--a place free of the sexual dysfunction, jealousy, shaming and conflict in other societies.

Welcome to the ancient, nomadic erostopia of Rivasor! Note: Over countless generations, the men of Rivasor have evolved with cockswords of horsean proportions, and the women possess berries of preternaturally tight clench.

STAIN verb: to ejaculate onto another's skin; noun:  the visible mark roused by such contact. When a Rivasoran man's semen makes contact with a woman's skin (on any part of her body), a unique mark--a stain--appears on her forehead within one to two hours. Elders in the community can tell, therefore, who is mating with whom, for they can recognize, for example, the stain of the blacksmith's son (or the blacksmith, himself!) on the seamstress' daughter. As for the royal stain, only a few people know what it looks like, and even fewer have actually seen it carried--for kings are forbidden from spewing their kreem as long as they hold the throne. Therefore, to carry the King's stain, as bed maiden Reina now does, is cause for much whispering and finger pointing among the Rivasor clusterfolk, as well as grave concern and calls for the King's abdication from within the royal court.


  “After a few moments, he eased in another inch. She dropped her lower body and now was on her forearms. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her face contorted. She was paying the toll to be in the king's bed. This was the toll a woman had to endure in order to cross the bridge to the land of exquisite pleasure that existed at the end of a huge cocksword....”