Modern lust in an ancient realm.

The Book: Cockswords & Berries

a tale of kings and maidens


The Story

After a chance encounter and unlikely romantic audience with the King of Rivasor, a nubile young waif of peasant bloodline becomes the first and only bed maiden to make the virile and famously well-endowed monarch climax during bedplay. Many admire her talent. Others envy her stain. Some fear her power over the throne. Their mysterious alchemy and ill-fated romance may be the unraveling of the entire kingdom in the turmoil that doth ensue!

by The Royal Scribe
5.5" x 8.5"; 306 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1522783725
ISBN-10: 1522783725
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The Players


Maiden Reina

The dune child and house maiden to Sanyam the trader; possesser of "an unyieldingly viselike little fench that resists even a finger’s advance."



The only mother figure maiden Reina has ever known and the person with whom she shares her dreams, fears and even recounts of her experiences in the King's bed


The King

To be king, one must possess the biggest cocksword in the kingdom...but must also pass the "fench test!"


Taller & Shorter Maidens

Palace maidens whose job among other things is to bathe the royal cocksword daily



Master archer and the King's right hand



''Bronson wilt do!''...just ask the shorter maiden how well he does it!



Maiden Reina's workmate...a defiant and humorful maiden born centuries before her time



The Royal Scribe, the Royal Renderer, Calstean the Butcher, that woman of Camrin, the Pixies of Xisha and others to stir your loins, and have you hoisting high and walking wet!



The king should have the biggest cocksword.
It was a simple well-reasoned conclusion maiden Reina reached one day while contemplating her good fortune at having been chosen the King's bed maiden. If ever there were a reason to make a man king, this should surely be it, she thought. It only made sense. A king should be a man among men. A king should be the strongest of men; the most virile; the bravest; the most well-endowed. How could one allow oneself to be led and ruled by a man who was not the manliest of men? One should not.
When a king commands his minions and maidens to do his bidding, it should be because of power. True power. Not the false, unearned power that comes by virtue of a bloodline. Not the assigned power that comes from having been appointed commander of armies. Nay, true power is not something one is born into. Nor is it something conferred upon one by decision or decree. True power is something one is born with. It is something intrinsic to one's being. It is something that comes from one's inherent ability to be or do a thing. To be king, a man should wield the cocksword of sensual conquest before he should be allowed to hold the scepter of the monarchy.
Of course, there were other qualities and traits a king should exhibit, maiden Reina thought, but this should surely be one of them. It made sense. A man should not be allowed to rule a kingdom if he could not even conquer a woman. When her gaze fell upon the King's erect pleasurer for the first time, she felt compelled to....
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“Already read [the preview] and I think it's pretty good. I do love Historicals and mixed with Erotica? Explosive combo!” - Book blogger

“Thank you for thinking of me for this. Frankly it sounds ridiculously awesome. I am going to buy your book and review it just as soon as I can. I will let you know when the review is ready, and if I like it (which it really seems like I will) I will gladly do an author profile, or host a guest post by you, or what-not. So thank you again! I'm really excited, it sounds great!” - Book blogger

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