Modern lust in an ancient realm.

The Kingdom


The Rivasor Cluster


Located among the dunes in the upper half of Rivasor realm, the current known home of the descendants of the original nomad seed, Rivasor cluster (the seat of power of the realm), sits between Snowbroth River to the morningside, and Horsehoof forest to the eveningside. Within the wooden-walled, 5-acre compound that comprises Rivasor center, sits visitor square, merchant market, the school and the King's "palace." The palace is actually a compound of 5 single-story quarters located in the eveningside corner of Rivasor center. On the palace grounds are the King's quarters, the royal bedroom (called the "grut hut" in bawdier circles), the care maidens quarters--where bed maidens are ministered to after their nights with the King--the royal court and audience gazebo). The palace has two guard posts: one on the clusterside of the compound, for threats from within, and another post on the wallside for threats from without...

The Evolution

The nomadic people of this sphere have roamed the dunes for thousands of years. Over the course of time, for reasons of survival, people found and formed groups of others with whom they shared certain similarities. Recognizing the truth that each person comes to view the world through different eyes and from different heights and roams with different goals and with different roles, people with the same worldviews and levels of soul development and purpose were drawn to each other, and thus, clusters formed. Click Part 2

However, survival alone was not what kept cluster kin and kine roaming as one. There was also compatibility. Men of a certain brand of masculinity grouped with those of similar masculinity. Women of a certain feminine brand bonded with women of similar femininity and social groups formed.

However, gender temperament alone is not what kept cluster kin and cluster kine roaming overmany seasons. There was also pleasure and happiness and the complementary cures of masculine and feminine interaction. The original nomads saw matching and mating as the meeting and balance of complements. Tall attracts and balances short. Big attracts and balances small. And so too for sun and moon, up and down, black and white. Everything interesting in nature exists in the differences. Men of large frame and cocksword girth were attracted to and by women of small frame and berry. Men of a certain cure found their mates in women of matching cure to the natural pleasure of both.

Therefore, the Rivasor nomad seed—those considered the ancestor dune travelers—drew unto their wandering groups men and women of different shape and shade, of height and hue, of texture and taste who shared the same sight of eye and temperament but who shared complementary physiologies. Over time, these traits passed from generation to generation. Men inherited the look and line of their forefathers’ huge cockswords. The women inherited the look and line of their forbearers’ tight berries. They took the name “Rivasor” in recognition of their worldview and way of engaging the world as well as in recognition of the ways of men and women in their cluster….

The Language

Rivasor is an agrarian society (agrarian: adj. of or relating to cultivated land or the cultivation of land), Consequently, many of our language’s most common references when discussing the ways of men with women have to do with soil, planting/harvesting, fruits, food and animals. Some, to a lesser degree, have to do with battle, for Rivasorans are, first and foremost, a peaceful people.

(Definitions and etymology of Rivasoran colloquialisms)

alchemy - n. mating chemistry

bead - n. a woman’s clitoris

berry - n. vagina; used in casual conversation; connotes the appetizing taste, juiciness and enticing femininity of the possessor of said berry

bubble and bardle – colloq. the spittle and unintelligible cooing sounds a baby produces. In the context of bedplay, it describes the state of incoherency and lack of motor control a woman typically reaches after hours of continuous and vigorous plowing by a huge cocksword wielded a man who knows how to use it; usage: “By the time he finished me, I was bubble and bardle.”

bunch - n. one’s bottom (fem.); related: bunch-hole n. – anus

cocksword - n. penis; used when intended to impart a sense of strength and nobility to the individual in possession of said cocksword

cork - n. a man’s or woman’s nipple. see also stem, and honey stem both for woman’s nipples

crown, to - v. to stain a woman’s forehead; the position of the stain (exact center, towards the hairline; aim is important) is critical to a stain being considered a crown.

cured – adj. how one is wired by nature. Just as food or other substances (leather, tobacco) that art created, preserved, strengthened, or otherwise brought to a finished state for use or consumption are said to be “cured,” the term is here used to describe how one’s finished state at birth has been determined by nature. Some are cured more or less masculine than others. Some are cured more or less feminine than others. One’s fantasies, fetishes, gallop, sway and swaysong are all part of how they have been cured. To be “cured the same” means to be bedplay compatible.

dainty - n. polite, almost clinical term for vagina. This might typically be used when speaking to a child, or when such matters are discussed between adults of different generations.

dig - v. a provocative way of saying to have intercourse. Usage: “Dig me, Bronson! Dig me harder! Dig me deeper!”

feed - n. breast

fench - n. a highly erotic, slightly lewd, but commonly-used term for a vagina in action; i.e. a vagina in the act of being worked on by a cocksword.

fire - v. to orgasm; to climax. Used for men only. i.e. Men fire (like the molten rock of a volcano). Women flow.

flow - v. to orgasm; to climax. Used for women only. i.e. Women flow (like the water of a river). Men fire. past: flowed, past part. flown. Sometimes the word “fly” is used in poetry. It is an archaic form of flow.
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(spoken by the Royal Scribe)

To understand Rivasor, it is first necessary to understand what sets us apart from the folk of other curves and spheres. As a result of the efforts, teachings and example set for us by a king and queen of far-seeing eyes of a thousand seasons past, we have developed as a people defined by the natural ways of our men and women.

We exist free of the shackles of mind that bind and pit man against woman in other curves and spheres. Here in Rivasor, we labor under no clouds that taint our view as to what defines us as man or maiden. We know that what we do to earn our survival doth not define us. We know that neither lineage nor lucre maketh nor measureth the man or woman. We know that by nature’s simple design and decree, there is no other way for a man to experience manliness than when his power is directed to the plumbing of a woman’s berry, and that there is no more natural way for a woman to feel her womanliness than when she has a girthful cocksword betwixt lips or loins. Thy world may consider this vulgar, but we in Rivasor consider it the most natural and obvious of truths.

The following is a short Rivasor proverb. It is the conclusion to brabbles and brawls—about the ways of men and women—that we no longer have in our society:

Not through weapon or tool

nor through washpan or thule

No, thy step in the dance comes

through dainty and lance

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